We Provide Many Kind Of Services

Hosted eMail

We are able to provide and support fully managed dedicated or shared email services. Including IceWarp ( recommended ), Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, or a custom solution.

24 /7 Support Contracts

Our support team is available 24/7 every single day of the year, including all public holidays in all countries. Not only online but via our dedicated telephone support lines. Human contact when needed.

Monitoring Service

We monitor all our infrastructure round the clock, as well as client resources such as leased lines, on-premises networking / servers / storage devices.


Our service desk is available to all our clients for internal issue tracking for those that have 1st line support in-house. Enabling seamless escalation to 2nd and 3rd line support team members. This of course mean 1 point of contact for your users and management team.

Developer Support

All of our managed web servers come with a Alpha & Beta host service for your development team. This leaves your primary production host untouched when you need to develop, test and review new code changes.

Managed Website / Servers

We work with your developers to support them, by running the web server host for you. Patching, upgrading and house keeping as required.

Auditing & Reporting

We work with you to ensure all work completed internally and externally meets the procedures set out by your polices. Have our own independent satellite linked timeservers we can help you with tracking, logging and reporting. This will ensure your obligations for ISO & GDPR compliance at achieved.